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Maisonette – Długa 72/3

Located just downtown Old Town, less than 200 meters from the famous Neptune statue, a spacious apartment with huge windows, an amazing attic used for sleeping for another couple or children.

The apartment is beautifully designed, free high-speed internet, smart giant TV, Netflix, YouTube, with the click of a button. Feel free to prepare a family meal in the fully equipped kitchen as you listen to your favorite music.

In the apartment, you will find a spacious dining table, exactly the table for family meals, even a white and ironed tablecloth in the closet.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars near the apartment, just a few minutes’ walk away.

The apartment is characterized by incredible proximity to the entertainment center on one side and located on the third floor which allows for quiet and peaceful during the night.

This is the perfect place for a romantic vacation or for spending quality time with family and friends.

The apartment has a modern bathroom, a shower with a strong flow of water and plenty of hot water, a real treat.

Our staff will be happy to help you with any request, feel free to ask us to book a trip or restaurant for you, help us with recommendations for places of interest, attractions or travel tips, we will do everything to make your stay in one of our apartments as successful as possible, we wish you a treat Pleasant and enjoyable vacation.

Our locations

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Długa 66 m.6: 54.349350, 18.650480
Złoty - Długa 16/17 m.2: 54.349180, 18.649700
Szlachecki - Długa 54/55 m.5: 54.349120, 18.651710
Shipyard - Wałowa 25b/75: 54.359278, 18.653101
Podwale Przedmiejskie 32 m.17: 54.346329, 18.651194
Panorama - Wałowa 25a/102: 54.359218, 18.652237
Mariacka – 9/10 m.8: 54.349609, 18.654796
Kopenhaga - Toruńska 15/84: 54.342316, 18.654780
Hollywood - Toruńska 15/32: 54.342633, 18.655225
Artus - Długa 59/61 m.5: 54.349229, 18.651078
Staromiejski - Długi Targ 22/23 m.11: 54.347833, 18.655104
Maisonette - Długa 72/3: 54.349415, 18.649823
One Storey - Długa 72/2: 54.349479, 18.649850
Lastadia 35b/13: 54.344831, 18.652022
Ogarna 20/21 m.8: 54.348120, 18.650059
Piwna 59/60 m.16: 54.350334, 18.650759
Szopy 2/26: 54.345863, 18.660968